Surcurity Issue

  • How can you make it so that, not everybody can login to the board? We are using this board where we are setting it up by groups..and we only want those certain groups to be able to register not everybody that comes to the site...

  • Please read that carefully: Installations Guide. It also contains some first steps info, with a good permissions example …

    BTW: This file in text form was also in your installations archive, this is the more beautiful HTML version …

    The most noticable difference to other board systems is the existence of the user group called "Everyone", which literally contains everyone! Do not forget to set it properly, for everyone is in it! Most of the time it's best to disallow that group nearly everything and allow permissions for other user groups. The example in the read me file is similar, how to hide a forum from guests, so that only admins can see and use it … ;)

    "Viribus Unitis"

    Harald Székely

  • When I added usernames to say Dating Mastery Program.. I lost all the rest of my forms..that aren't showing up on my board.. Here is the link to my board.. .. Also Is there a plugin some where for the calendar and Event thing that I see at the bottom like i do here that I can put on ours and is there somewhere i can upload templates???

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