How to add menu links?

  • Which template do I need to edit in order to add a menu button/link by the header on wbb 3.0.x see image... Thanks

  • That plugin is what most of the people use to get more main menu buttons …

    Some things to note:

    You should try not to modify templates unless there's no other way to achieve what you want. Most of the time it's better to use a plugin or package. Same with design issues, always try using some CSS (in the style editor) first before editing templates.

    Modifying templates may damage the update functionality. Especially when you edit the standard templates which should never be modified. WCF manages all files and gets confused, if you change them manually on the file system …

    Have you read that document: Installations Guide? This is the HTML-version of the text file that comes with WBB 3. It contains not only the installations guide, but also plenty of useful hints and infos … :P

    For extending the board functionality or style issues you should always apply to the WoltLab-Community (WCom), which was launched up for such concerns (you are already registered there, same login as here) … ;)

    BTW: WBB 3.1 has a built in function to manage the menu items, to add rearrange and delete them (in the ACP) … :)

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    Harald Székely

  • I once got this Advance Header Menu plugin for wbb 3.0xx and would like to download it again but the link is dead and the thread is closed. Does anyone have it?
    old thread link