About the previous licenses

  • The old Official Plugins for the WBB2 are included but for the new Plugins you have only a voucher for one of them.

  • this topic Calendar Plug-In - Voucher? made me think ...
    doesnt holders of the old licenses get access to all addons for free and not just one?

    I was also curious about this, too.

    Please, don't misunderstand me ... I am greatful that were were given at least one free add-on voucher.

    However, old Platinum Licenses gave access to unlimited future versions (from my understanding) and official add-ons. Therefore, it was my logical leap (and apparently that of Gerard's as well) that we would also receive free add-ons for the free future versions of the software, as a benefit of purchasing the Platinum License.

    Receiving the same benefits as before, in my opinion, would be to continue receiving free official add-ons to the new versions of the software (which are given for free under a Platinum License).

    Moreover, given the fact that it has been said here on the boards that the goal is to eventually get WBB3 to be the "main" version of the software (one of the reasons members of the Woltlab Team stated they do not want to 're-open' wBBmods.com is because it makes no sense to aid an old version when there is a new version to sell).

    Quote from Harald Szekely

    You know, it's a bit tricky to leave old software around, when you want to sell the new one! Every time we make it easier for people with old boards or the need for the old board, we cut into our own flesh! We want to get rid of the old software, but that's not possible if everyone wants ancient code …

    Why does everyone want a board software from stone age, but their (illegally downloaded) Photoshop or shooter game always has to be the latest and newest? Someone enlighten me please …

    Quoted from: Link to Woltlab Community and Support Forum

    It just seems more fair that Platinum License purchasers should continue to receive unlimited free official add-ons to these new version of the software ... especially with the open knowledge that Woltlab wants to phase out version 2 completely. When this occurs, where do we get to take advantage of our "access to official add-ons" benefit that was paid for when we purchased a Platinum License?

    But as I said, this is just one user's opinion. Maybe other users do not agree with me.

    You cannot fail when you only strive to succeed.

  • Hi!

    I think you confuse WBB2 development and plugins with the same for WBB3 …

    FYI: This topic has already been largely discussed in german threads some time ago, when the release of WBB3 came closer …

    Nothing has changed for you. You still are able to download new versions of WBB2, if any new version will be released, and also WBB2 plugins. The problem is, the life cycle of WBB2 is over and we only have to release security foxes for 2 years, according to EU laws. WBB3 is a completely new software, where not even plugins or styles are compatible …

    Please write an email to woltlab@woltlab.com to get more info about your special license situation, if you're confused … :)

    "Viribus Unitis"

    Harald Székely

  • Yes of course, but i can't tell you more, since i'm with WoltLab only 3 years and do not have that much knowledge about WBB2 … :whistling:

    "Viribus Unitis"

    Harald Székely

  • Hi,

    I attached 2 screenshots from the old webpage (thanks Lexa for the webarchive link)

    On the purchase page it says official addons is included in premium and platinum license. This links to the Official addons page, where it clearly says Official addons are addons for Burning Board 2. It also doesn't say that future addons are included.

    As we know that this was confusing for our customers we offered a voucher worth 30 EUR. (The addons cost only 25 EUR). I think thats more than fair.

  • Hi,

    This links to the Official addons page, where it clearly says Official addons are addons for Burning Board 2. It also doesn't say that future addons are included.


    As I said, I am greatful you offered at least one voucher. However, while the screen shots you took show that Woltlab Burning Board 2 is specified, I am confused as to where it came from and when it was updated.

    This Woltlab link that Gerard posted takes you to the same page about add-ons, and Burning Board 2 is not specifically mentioned.

    The page simply states: Official Addons are special add on programs for the WoltLab Burning Board. They are contained in the Premium and the Platinum license.

    The statement does not limit add-ons for premium and platinium licenses to WBB2 addons only.

    [Blocked Image: http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e349/wkkunkle/addon.jpg]

    Link: http://www.woltlab.com/products/burning_board/211_en.php

    Edited to Add: It appears that my screen shot is more current, as it even lists a third plug-in that your screen shot does not.

  • First of all it is a mistake that this page is still existing: http://www.woltlab.com/products/burning_board/211_en.php

    I don't know why the 2 is missing. I took the screenshots from the webarchive (lexa has linked). This is the way it should be. All listed "official addons" are only working with wbb2.

    But even with the missing 2 - there is still no sentence that says: All future addons are included as well. It only says what are the current addons you can get.

    I am sorry for the confusion. This is why we are offering the voucher in the first place.

  • Yes, I wished i had not wasted my voucher on this Calendar.
    I will not be using it. Way to much stuff if all you need is a Calendar.
    Strange thing is most forums come with a Calendar.