Upgrade from 2.3.3

  • Hi there

    I would like some help with an easy question about 2.3.3 but can't access that part of the site and have had no luck trying to activate my account either.

    We're looking to upgrade to v3 in the next few weeks, but could really do with some assistance in knowing how to send a PM/email to a member automatically when they register with us?

    Would be so grateful if someone could tell me how to get access to the correct section here?

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I have read the thread and the problem I have is that the license numbers are not in my profile here (I can't even access it!) I took over as admin on my site two years ago and I can no longer contact the original admin, whose account on here holds the license numbers that I need.

    I am so frustrated :( I want to upgrade our forum but need assistance with getting our license numbers, which I assume you hold within the previous admin's account?

  • Apologies for bumping but can anyone help me please?

    I have PM'd a couple of the team members but haven't had a respone and am incredibly frustrated

  • Hi,

    please write us an email where you write down your name and address and the name of the former admin (and address, if you know it) -> woltlab@woltlab.de

    Keep in mind that we cannot just change the licensedata without any permission of the former admin.