Changing installation folder

  • Hi there
    I did an install of WBB3 like that:

    Now, I want to have it directly in my

    Then, in the ACP I changed the cookie domain from "/wbb" to "/"; in, I checked "(!defined('RELATIVE_WCF_DIR')) define('RELATIVE_WCF_DIR', RELATIVE_WBB_DIR.'./wcf/');"

    Then I moved all the folder from /wbb/ to /

    I tried, looks ok, but:

    When I go to the members list, I get this message :

    Fatal error: Unable to find class file '/var/www/'

    That means it still look on the wbb3 directory for things. It happens also when I'm on the ACP, and try to access to the group members, and for other things.

    I search for "wbb3" in all the files of the installation, and I didn't found it. I updated the counter, same problem.

    I don't really know how to seek now. Can you help me?

  • Here is the whole message:

  • I've noticed that you cant even keep the same folder and view the board as a subdomain (when you make the subdomain).
    The original folder would be
    The new location to view the board would be
    While the absolute directory would remain the same (from the Linux OS side) would be something like: "home/usr/domain/public_html/forum" or (Windows OS side) "C:\IIS\www\forum"

    Here is a live example:
    Original Install Location:
    "Moved" Location:

    Is this similar to what you are talking about, Guiwald? (As far as changing directories for your installed forum).

    The only thing that works after moving from viewing it as "" to "" is the text of the board. (This is assuming that you added as a URL through the board administration, after making the subdomain)
    I'm not so sure the original source of the board was even completely tested before it was publicly released. I'm starting to doubt the board is even worth using since my particular legal licensed copy has a very low tolerance to changes. Not sure about anyone else, but mine is not completely functional and I can't even get a straight answer as to why (See "Update 3.0.3 pl1 to 3.0.4 pl1 issues" in the same forum) if your curious.

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  • Actually, I pass from to

    About my folders, I copy everything in public/wbb3/ to public/

    Everthing works, except the members part (in the wbb or in the ACP), the searching system, and I found out the packet installation system.

    To be able to use the forum, I copied the lib folder in a wbb3 folder, then now the searching system and the members part are working.

    But I find this solution messy, and the packet installation system still doesn't work.

    It's a bit annoying :)

  • Yes, this field was already set with (without the subdomain).

    If there is no other place to set that, I really don't understand why it keeps trying to go to the subdomain, and only for the searching system, the members, and the package installation. :?:

  • Actually, I just need to know where is set this data. Then I can change it.
    I did a search in all the files of the installation, but I found it only in some "cache" folder. Is it a cache problem? If yes, how can I get rid of it?
    It's really annoying, but I'm sure the solution is simple...

  • Usually you can just delete the cache files and it often fixes problems and forces the system to re-cache data, but don't quote me on that one. I myself am not to familiar with the caching system WBB 3 uses.

  • No problem! You can always clear the cache folders and WCF will rebuild them. But be sure to nly empty the folders, do not delete the folders … ;)

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