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  • Hello,

    I've just purchased the Burning Board software and paid via Credit card (Paypal). The last message I got on Paypal says the product will be mailed to my address. I expected to get a download link.

    Receipt ID is Receipt ID: 5AJXXXXXX7333


  • Sorry for using this thread but I can't seem find a way to open a new thread on the appropriate section.

    How can I implement google analytics on my forum pages.


  • Hi,

    please have a look at How can I get authenticated as WoltLab customer to access official support?
    After that, you will be able to post in the forums.

    Google Analytics: as far as I know (I am not familiar with google analytics), you just have to insert a few lines of javascript into your website. If you want to add that code to the forums, you can insert it into "footer" Template. It'll be included on every page that way.

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  • I've spent the whole day trying to embed Gallery2 with WoltLab. I also could not find where to find my licence no, etc. to get some support.

    I am frustrated. X(