Update to 3.0.3 stop at 94%

  • Hi
    I have a problem.
    I try to update my wBB with the last one ...
    but the update stop at 94%

    Package WoltLab Burning Board: Updating package languages ...

    I have try using the automatic update and uploading the package.
    It stop already.

    What I must to do?

  • The last one downloaded from our member area.
    I have downloaded itself today 3.0.3 but now I see that there is the last one PL1

    eheheh :P

    If I update to the PL1, I'll have problems?

    8| ?(


    error message: Xmo6 VjkDˎDZ\$NH7/u EPm%}GRr伭Eҽmsw]8S$,iXAxYv1$ȏ. φ5h|~;;Gb|Hʴbp-'S<K5uՄЂbg=sݽ=3B!ť8QH[~IN}l~՛tg XXnW)P` ""2*=f(tY ř\qA8OX&d垥Ri! +i8KeuB~pH'$Y`] ߩCqzq @cR6]G_ ;%|Iԟ)ǜЮ 3Z;OΜegzZƵRVmY,T~oj5[aՍ0' %1OHY(l1lpaS2i!TCnDlI:;^4U2u'DʼndE,F)s"T yd2A鶤A'<tp)fw3>g$" H 3u:%g@~gD'D 9i"{2ʱ*2x, ?\=)S,83Bv>}MG3$ 0YB|۔j,k;%AȦaggCDL8a!8fƒfS((nl&mb4]ڻlCP@,oSe &୊!od}-F\|b-kk3SS)~䵺Fi7I}agB] Z.钝In42?T{*}A֞CZ*@!`K)H6`Anv2 rz}j285x{+|[AV'T27f7[ Ȫ,xR>XXTǩ5dZbT,eeʸ*P@ jMgL16 $-*&)ŅOFp:U||5@<6̰{πH ipZVHG(Y(O=Tj%4wUl@ s1mMwԊSQg<8kUvrlTuv^YB% HCd>#QRBS,L2l`+іհ8.D¹}n[,NsbhJ=ӿHAC!6K^r (Ep]n rXVGglyї8FZugwkU?f]*%ОuPFŰX!PӗcTs\:[8AoupyN|t̀&DÄ8NY"@Y!e!C:+{ m}c5\{_d

    This is the error using ALT+ Click... :S ;( :huh:

  • I asked if you tried 3.0.3 or 3.0.3 pl 1. May I assume you tried 3.0.3?
    Then try 3.0.3 pl 1 instead!

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  • Yes.
    Now i'm downloading the PL1 update.
    I try with this one. ;)

    Thank Troublegum...
    For your time and for your quickly reply. :D

    I will write the update result...